Alt Mimic is far more cautious than her vanilla self. She is a shaky, kind fellow, who hardly lets her instinctively violent temper get the better of her. In fact, it seems as if said temper has completely left her. However, she is far more fragile than her vanilla self, going into debilitating anxiety attacks the minute she feels something is amiss. Despite her fragility, she is easier to talk to. She is less excitable, as well.

Alt Mimic has a plethora of health problems that have afflicted her after witnessing the accident that killed Alternate-World Serac. She has a consistently low blood pressure that prevents her from walking long distances. She must use a cane to prevent herself from falling and hurting herself, in bipedal forms. She suffers from anxiety and PTSD -- she cannot see a pool of gasoline or witness any variation of Serac being hurt without having a panic attack. She often has visions of the accident, and associates The Lullaby with the accident, breaking into tears when she hears it.

Alt Mimic thinks lowly of herself, even in the face of positivity. She will assert her status as an old, ruined mimic when faced with compliments. She has dreams of ending herself, and is unfazed by them. She honestly believes the world would be better without her.