Basically there was a meme thing in a server regarding Eevee, and I thought:

"hey what if I made these characters some eevee forms, since eevees have so many evolutions"

So these furballs came to existence.


He's the cute, furball version of Vortex. He looks like an Eevee, and often hops on people's heads, because it's comfy for him and comfy for the wearer. If you touch him, you'll feel tingling sensations, because he IS made out of plasma. But this time is fluff. The plasma is on the inside.

Upon petting, he unleashes a calming aura, which distracts you from problems. But that's until you stop petting.

Uses sv_cheats 1, report him.

She's the smol tiger version of Radiation. She looks like a dangerous green tiger, and can do real damage.

Upon petting, you get nothing but purrs.


She's the HYPER CUTE, floofy version of Dissonance. She looks like an even cuter Eevee, and is a quite good fur hat, and as you can imagine, she provides way more comfort when wearing her than the shitlord that is Plasmeon. If you touch her, you'll feel warm.

Upon petting, she unleashes a special aura, that makes you feel cozy. It relaxes you. She'll try to help you with any kind of negative feelings, either through cuteness, the cozy aura, or speaking.

that's it m9

ok bye