The different variants of Flitten

IMG -737tny

Vanilla Flitten(The original)

Alt Flitten(A younger Flitten, basically)

Smol Flitten(Think Smol Nozomi, except it's Flitten)

Lewdspace Flitten(The Flitten from a much lewder universe)

The family of Flitten(see this for reference)

Flitten(Of course)

Sen(Bionic_Dog's character)

Bell(I'll make a seperate mini-page on her later)

Gray(Maybe Bio can make a page on him)

Who Flitten actually is

Flitten is basically a Litten lookalike(Key word being lookalike) with a black suit. That's basically it for appearence. He can't find much fun out of just lounging around all day(And that goes for his variants as well) in one spot. He never truly had a mother or father who loved him(He was basically abandoned by the parents he had), so his early days were spent as a random trickster of sorts. He has matured a bit since then(Unlike me, am I right, guys?), and he now has a true family(See above section). That entire situation about him not finding fun in lounging around is still yet to be fixed, though.