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Chest Form

Full Regalia Mimic, in her default chest form, resembles a heavily modified version of Mimic (Character). She is made from the white wood of a birch tree. Her eye markings bear resemblance to her crest, the Bleeding Pearl, which is marked on her lid. She is decorated with Stress Pearls, gold, and mythril, boosting her magic. Her three locks require three different keys, making it harder to force her into Sentry Mode. She has this air of elegance to her.

Calleoca Form

In this form, she gains a blue, poofy dress. As the dress rides lower, the colors of it grow more saturated. She wears a pendant, resembling her vanilla self's pendant, and a tiara decorated with Stress Pearls. In place of a bow sits a white crown. Her scarf, as opposed to being rainbow, cycles through many shades of sky blue and white.


Personality-wise, Full Regalia Mimic resembles Alt Mimic, speaking softly and kindly. She does not look down on herself to the point of feeling worthless -- in fact, she believes all things have equal worth, even herself. She is polite and elegant, but she is also strict, having slapped Xam on several occasions for disobedience.

Despite her softness, she will fight to protect those she cares for. She goes by her own philosophy - "If you love something, you must be willing to die for it". She will occasionally fight for fun. She does not enjoy verbal fights, but rather physical fights, which she believes carry far more weight than a simple argument.


Full Regalia Mimic has vocal properties similar to Fell Mimic. She never uses contractions, but she still utters "oh dear" and other similar phrases.


Like most variants of Mimic, she is capable of performing blood magic. However, it is out of practice, and her blood well is small. She prefers using her elemental magic, with which she has an advantage. She is proficient in ice and fire magic.