Just like the thing they were made to replace, GBS is kind and soft-spoken. GBS is extremely calm, to the point where they emit an aura of calmness. They see a good and an evil in all things, knowing that things may seem bleak at times, but that things will eventually turn out for the better. GBS has an extreme sense of duty, staying with Alt Mimic at all times at Mimic's request. They also have a fear of being trapped forever as a result of disuse and being trapped in a pendant for weeks.

It is extremely difficult to anger GBS, in fact, it took actual pushing to incite wrath in them. Once GBS is angered, they turn to a far more cynical mindset, and will even begin to abuse Mimic. They will even harm everyone who has ever inflicted even the slighest bit of pain, physical or emotional, to Mimic. However, after they have burnt out all their rage, they will purge it from their body, as a physical manifestation, and revert to their true self.


  • GBS is often so calm that it affects their physical self as well as their emotional self. Mimic has recorded heart rates as low as 30 bpm from them while asleep.
  • they floof