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Alright, back in Moscow, Russia, 1993. A child was concieved under the name..Jelverus "Northstar" Melverus.

His parents moved to the U.S.A in 1998, where his parents were thinking of where he could go to be educated. They sat him down at a place called Velac Berdal Elementary. There, he learned about monsters. School was also taking off, but soon fell down after 2007. In 2008, kids from all over the place came to his new school, Leverik Casel Middle. Then that's where he had problems with teachers, grades, classmates. His friend Brandan suggested that he go down Mt. Ebott. He was told that the monsters were very nice and didn't mean to hurt anyone. The Monster x Human war thing was just a dispute being handled.


He jumped. He fell down. meeting Toriel, Papyrus, Sans, everyone. Everyone liked him at a point.

Well, everything changed when a timeline split ocurred.

As soon as he went to the last area, a timeline split just snapped him right out of his original timeline, and threw him into a new one, where all these new people were.

And that ends the start of Jelverus.

Weaknesses, Strengths

Strengths: All he had was a single stick, and he couldn't really defend himself with it.

Weaknesses: That stick. His fists weren't very well made for melee combat.

The Origins

\\\ Now let's stop here. ///

\\\ When I first made Jelverus, back in 2015, it was a simple edgy and godmoddy character. I tried to make him better, and it sort of worked. I like the way he is now, on 12/21/16. He no longer has the ability to change time on a global scale, he can be killed in all ways. ///

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