"Is this where I put a quote for the page?" ~Shoe, Chapter 7


Shoe is a Sun Wolf, taking the form of a purple house cat. He comes from Ardis, a strange land in conflict which he seems to have an interest in stopping. His efforts are primarily centered around helping his female companion, Miyu Ardent.


Shoe is often a verbal shitposter, being little more than a smart ass cat who likes to meme on people. Whenever in the presence of Mimic, he tends to adopt a more agressive version of this persona, directly targeting insults at her to aggravate her, this agressiveness can also be seen on his inconsistent television series, Character Cop. He enjoys mocking others, but his main objective is to be funny. He tends to be outlandish and outspoken, using his powers to act as a punch line in whatever comedy he stirs up. His sense of humor is very dry, mean spirited at times, and often lands him in trouble when he's either taken seriously, or just taken as an asshole.

Beneath this persona he hardly ever shows any real emotion. He has a soft spot for one person in particular, a small goat named Asriel who seems to hold quite a bit of value to him for some reason; so much so that upon the child's passing(before ressurection), Shoe committed suicide via flinging a literal sun into his face while Wally watched, eyeballs forever in pain from this.

Although not often, he sometimes lets the persona slip, revealing a depressed and suicidal cat, refusing to truly emote as he feels it will only hurt him in the end. His voice shifts to a monotone in this state, attempting to be as emotionless as possible.

Bullshit Magical Powers

Shoe boasts four primary powers, three common to his species, and one specific to his type of Sun Wolf as Special Helper model 03. Aside from teleportation and transfiguration, he also seems to be functionally immortal. His body can withstand up to a small sun's worth of physical trauma due, only giving out on rare occasion. His body operates in a hive mind of 10 other units, which swap out as the need arises to replace a body. The period it takes to completely fix a body from its damage varies, but is typically around 3-4 weeks. No body has ever been damaged beyond repair before.

His other primary power is to fufill the "Last Wish" of deceased people. Upon touching the forehead of a corpse that has been dead less than one day, Shoe can enter a pocket dimension controlled by him. Inside the pocket dimension, a replica of the dead person's mind and body is created, for their soul to inhabit as it experiences its final wish. Upon transfer of the soul, control of the world is shifted over to the deceased for them to use as they wish. The deceased can wish for anything, including bringing the living into the dream. The living and the creations of the dreamer are able to exit the pocket dimension at will through "The Door of Ages," a large ornate door present in all iterations of the "Last Dream." If the deceased passes through the door, the dream ends, and all they have created is destroyed, including any creatures formed inside the dream that have exited. The pocket dimension requires one subject from the outside world to function, in the event of the deceased's second death within the pocket dimension. It is unknown what comes of the deceased after this event.

Although not magical, Shoe boasts a very effective silver tongue. He can frequently use others to achieve his goals using his words alone, threat of force tending to be effective in pushing victims that are unsure over the edge and into his desires.