Sins. Boy, oh, boy, sins. "Sins", in the Undertale world, seems to be slang for "murders". However, on the server, it expands to many things, such as:

  • Being not blocked
  • Looking at dirty stuff
  • Doing dirty stuff
  • Supporting bonecest
  • Memeing too hard
  • Having uncivilized conversations in the salt mines
  • Screwing up the roleplay for everyone else
  • Doing NSFW things in non-NSFW channels
  • Using Discord's mobile client
  • Murder, of course
  • Being absolutely VILE...
  • Assuming my gender
  • Not adding to this list, c'mon, guys!
  • Tildes?
  • Wearing cat lingerie
  • Genocide runs, you dirty brother killer.
  • Sins
  • Using light theme
  • Bragging about using dark theme
  • Bragging about using light theme
  • Slapping the sacred Peadancing Breakcock
  • ~
  • Reading this

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