look at this nwn-looking fucker

more like an uwu-looking fucker but you get the ideaaaaa


Spirit is a calm and soft-spoken being, often punctuating her dialogue with an ellipsis before and after a sentence. She is shown to be kind to all things, even the most vile of creatures. She fears death and the apocalypse, and makes an exception to her kindness regarding Fell Sil.

Her unfathomable kindness and abilities made her a suitable candidate as an emotional guide and one-man pep squad for the self-depreciating Mimic, as well as the aggressive Fell Mimic. In fact, the two became lovers.

However, due to discourse between roleplayers, Spirit was changed into a narcissistic and nihilistic thing, who believed she could never do anything right with herself -- quite similar to the creature she was supposed to assist. She switched loyalties and began to hang around Shoe, much to Mimic's dismay. This is where Spirit showed that she did indeed have a nasty side, insulting Mimic and calling her irrepairable. Mimic burned the notepad with which they communicated in a blind rage, and Spirit was driven to fake her own suicide.