People don't know how to read signs. And if there were any signs, people have no common sense. Everyone seems to fall into a hole and end up underground, despite legends saying that those who enter never return. Actually, the only one who returned was Aqua. I guess he's cool enough. This is that hole. Why people fall down the hole, no one knows. Maybe it's because they're sick of humanity and want to end it all. Or maybe they want the glory and recognition of sparing everyone and becoming the ambassador and a grand hero. Or maybe they're blind. Or maybe they have no common sense. The Hole is a common entry point for people entering the Underground, and it leads into The Garden. Frisks and Charas are naturally drawn to holes like this. Their determination makes them do it. Seriously, it's like a talking brain tumor that tells you to "Jump down the hole! Spare everyone~!" or "stab stab stab~"

Attempts to Prevent Falls

  • Putting up signs to not tell people to jump in
  • Barricading the mountain
  • The entire legend that says to not go in or you won't come back
  • Offers to help those who have fallen out of the hole
  • Being Aqua