"Listen, I don't know about you Ice, but I just so happen to rp the daughter of the creator of Dementia. I deserve at least supermod."
Viridian is the first sister server of Zebraspace, owned my Mr. Brawls. The RP rooms encompass an entirely different universe from the Undertale-based Zebraspace. In fact, most of the universe is an original work of Brawls.

also lore


  • viridirules - Rules channel
  • lore-news - Recap of Viridian-related events
  • the-crossroad-lobby - General chat
  • the-shadowy-side-of-viridian - The loquaciously named lewd general and occasional lewd RP, like Xeil fapping to lore.
  • narrator-talk - Alt general
  • robit-testing-area - Bot testing and usage channel, sorry again, Road.
  • the-bgmbox - Music sharing channel
  • art-quarter - Art posting channel
  • mimics-notebook - Mirror of Mimic's personal notebook from Zebraspace

RP Channels

  • the-brewstery - Beroos' coffee shop
  • dementias-house - The house of the Creator of Viridian
  • devans-house - The house of Devan, and I forgot what role he plays rip
  • ailins-house - The house of Ailin, where Mimic currently lives until she fucks up and gets kicked out again :(
  • viridian-outskirts - General RP room, where Viridian-related things happen, like Xeil eating lore.
  • the-dreamscape - RP room where dreams are played out or described in prose
  • the-viridian-planes - Alt RP room