- The only thing Vortex will be ever remembered for

Vortex#8487 is the tenth user of Zebraspace, whose humor is very clearly lacking. He tries hardly to crack jokes, possibly getting one pinned, but all he does is spit the worst jokes only an 11 year old would find funny. He considers his beginnings as a RPer (both in /r/Undertale RP and Zebraspace) very cringy and he doesn't really elaborate on that subject.

Except here. I'm the one writing this (damn, #meta), and talking about myself in third person is shitty.

Vortex took Noctis (godmoddy hypocritical toxic shitlord) as his RP teacher, his guide. Due to Noctis being his role-model (ha), he often made stretchy moves just to make himself look better, which is a dick move. After realizing how SHITTY it was, he completely rewrote everything and tried to fix his plot, characters and overall attitude.

He does have a more toxic side that he'd rather not show due to past incidents.


Characters that were actually used:

Characters that have a teeny tiny chance he'll ever finish them and use them:

  • IE.EXE
  • HL2.EXE

Just maybe.

Quotes and Trivia

  • "i had the most fun when i turned my character into a rock"
  • "tfw your character turns into the average depressed teenager"
  • "vortex has no dick"
  • "I JUST shit"
  • 23 is his lucky number.
  • 823 is also a special number.
  • Is afraid to do most of the things he wants to do online because he's afraid people will judge him after his every action.
  • Wants to improve his RPing skills.
  • Wants to improve in general.
  • Thinks about deleting those last three.
  • Is in a timezone almost no one is in.