We're going in hard, strap in!
Wisty Lyrr is the embodiment of a beta operating system, also known as an os-tan. Created by Microsoft with the sole intent of being as helpful to anyone as she possibly can. Just before the release of Windows 2000, known to Wisty as 2k-tan, Microsoft had shelved two previous attempts at operating systems, labeled "Neptune" and "Odyssey". Neptune is known for being cold and hate-filled, notoriously for being ditched very early on in her development. As a result, she has a huge hatred for 2k-tan, and another previous entry in the lineup, Windows ME, or ME-tan, as she feels they are her "unworthy replacement", and that 2k-tan will always be more successful and loved than her. Odyssey was never even formally brought to the public eye by Microsoft, and as a result, not much else is known. After shelving these two, Microsoft began to work on a new hybrid of an operating system, designed to incorporate both professionalism and casualness in order to appeal to a wider audience of consumers and businesses alike. Microsoft failed to realize that this would create an operating system with more free will, and even more importantly, control over oneself. After the first few tests of Wisty, Microsoft quickly realized this, just after it was too late to change this without scrapping her completely. Now, Wisty has come to terms with this, and continues to work with Microsoft regardless in exchange for more features as time goes on. She does have plans to ditch the company, however, these may not be carried out as planned...