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Back in 1994 in an alternate universe, Xam was born in England. Even then, he was a shitlord. When he was 4, he was sent to school in America, where he met his former love, Rosalie. They talked throughout their school career, and somehow got a job together. Xam had suggested going back to England to meet his parents. Rosalie agreed, and they booked a flight to England. When they reached England, they went to his parent's castle they had at the time.

But it was like his parents didn't even know him anymore.

He asked them what was wrong, but they didn't reply save for "Nothing."

After that, Xam was heartbroken, going back to America. When they got back to their house, Xam didn't interact with Rosalie or anyone he really cared about. This led to a fight and Rosalie kicking Xam out of the house. He started walking to the local mountain, contemplating death, when he fell into the Underground, which is where he currently resides. He met Mimic, Serac, and all of the other bastards he cares about. In Snowdin, he killed himself by stabbing himself in the head with a phone charger and died in front of Mimic, ascending to the God Tiers, becoming the Lord of Time, being a one-player session.


Xam used to be kind of a dick, always saying no to suggestions that he's given. But that all changed when the fire nation attacked. He mellowed a lot during his stay with Mimic and Serac, giving Mimic the affectionate name miMI. Now he's nicer and a lot more accepting.

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