• the_inventory - Mod discussion room
  • beacon - Rules of the server
  • newspapres - Server news, occasionally RP news
  • hall_of_doors - Invites to other Zebraspace-related servers
  • sapphire_outskirts - General chat
  • RP rooms
    • the_tabletop - Specifically, Serac's house
    • alt_tabletop - Specifically, Jay's house
    • other_tabletop
    • extra_tabletop
    • red_tabletop - Specifically, Wisty's house
  • memo - Pesterchum client RP, allows characters to communicate with each other
  • divine_forest - Art sharing room
  • adventure_room - Text adventure room
  • starlight_laboratories - Bot testing and tag usage room (sorry road)
  • the_great_arcade - Gaming chat
  • echo_chamber - Voice chat channel
  • music_box - Music channel
  • the_archives - Archiving channel

Hidden Rooms

  • lewdspace - Lewd RP
  • cursed_forest - Lewd general chat
  • plane_of_flesh - Lewd adventure room
  • the_asschives - Lewd archiving channel
  • surgeons_table - Gore/Sensitive topic RP
  • bloodstained_wood - Gore/Sensitive topic discussion room
  • ashes - Archive channel for Mimic's previous notebook
  • mimics_notebook - Meta channel, used for Mimic to write down her thoughts and feelings - only Zeyphr and anyone requesting access in-character could see this channel. No longer sees use, and has a mirror channel in Viridian.
  • zs_purgatory - Equivalent of Judgement Hall.

Defunct Rooms

  • bacon - A room mistakenly created by Comrade_Cody as a joke. Saw little to no use and was erased.
  • saltspace - Venting and salt room. Saw plenty of use, but was seen as detrimental to the server's health and was erased.
  • the_corruption - Terraria chat. Was merged into the_great_arcade and erased.
  • the_sandbox - Garry's Mod chat. Was merged into the_great_arcade.
  • mimics_notepad - Meta channel. Served the same purpose as mimics_notebook, but also as a method of communication between Mimic and Spirit. Was erased and replaced with ashes once Mimic burned the notepad out of frustration.
  • wedding_log - Specialized RP room, used by Mr. Brawls to play out Beroos' and Elina's wedding. Was archived and erased once the event ended.