"Welcome to hell."
Zeyphr is the second post-owner of Zebraspace, behind tangy and Mr. Brawls. She held ownership of the server for three months, until a combination of real life events and on-server events caused her to take a temporary leave, which, unbeknownst to her, became a permanent break from her position as server owner. She was kicked out of the admin team and eventually out of the moderator team, and soon, the moderator advisor team following GBS' attempted murder of Serac, which, due to a lack of clarification as to who attempted, fell under Rule 1. She was then permanently banned after the supposedly successful murder of Serac by a group of angry mimics. This fell under Rule 1 and Rule 3 simultaneously, despite her following orders to let Fell Mimic leave Serac's corpse be. She now resides primarily in Zebraspace's sister server, Viridian, and its cousin server, The Bloody Antler Club. Her only position of power in Zebraspace is now as the administrator of the Wiki.


Supporting Characters

  • Bad Idea Chara
  • Creepy OOC Flowey
  • Three dungeon raiders killed by Mono
  • A duo of a wisp-like creature and a spider-like creature

Unused/Incubating Characters

Implied Characters

  • Two or three thousand humans killed by Mimic and her alts
  • Whisper's father, who is responsible for at least one of Mimic's respawns
  • Full Regalia Serac, who was killed saving her respective Mimic from a house fire
  • Mimic's corrupted Blood Copy of Serac, who was extracted and killed by Ailin
  • The separate consciousnesses of Fell Mimic's heart and mind
  • A human known to speak in Morse


  • o
  • It is sad that the great space demon water orgy was lost to time.
  • What happened? Did you get saddled with a bad husband?
  • Can I crawl back into my zebrahole now?
  • inb4 nidhogg touches me